Burgess Lab Neural Circuits and Behavior



Congratulations Danny!

Danny was awarded a highly competitive NSF Graduate Research Fellowship! He’ll be leaving the lab soon after almost two years as a Post-Baccalaureate fellow, to start his graduate work at Berkeley. We’ll all be sad to see him go, but are delighted that his efforts have been recognized with this award!

Woods Hole in Winter

Harry and Reid spent the week teaching students how to label and ablate Mauthner neurons. Brown University neuroscience graduate students visit Woods Hole to gain hands-on experience with different experimental systems. We had a great time interacting with students, and using a high speed camera to measure zebrafish and human startle latencies!


Finally a new website

Finally, thanks to the fantastic Lab Website Template, I’ve been able to put together a nice looking lab website - welcome all! Many thanks to the Greene Laboratory for putting together a markup-based website builder, that makes coding and updating a lab website quick and easy. Our official NICHD website has more detail (at least for now!), but is challenging to keep up-to-date.